Today is the first Sunday in Advent. This year’s season is twenty-two days long, stretching from the fourth Sunday before Christmas until Christmas Eve.

Twenty-two days of waiting, of watching, of inward and outward preparation for the arrival of the incarnate Christ. Of creating space to become more aware of our God who draws near us; the season is rife with invitation.

Take a moment to pray this prayer by author Pamela C. Hawkins. Move through it slowly, noticing the words which capture your attention most:

Holy Anticipation,

that breathtaking space in-between

what has been, what is, what is to come.

Where winter dreams reveal secret longings

and winged angels announce the coming of Love.

You draw us to the edge of Advent possibility

like the song of angels drawing shepherds—

eyes wide and breath held—

waiting, watching.

Come, settle into our living for awhile

and do not let us settle for too little. 


How is God inviting you to notice Him today? Is there a space into which He is drawing you? A door through which He is calling you? What do you anticipate in this Advent season, eyes wide and breath held?

Love is coming and you are invited.


Thank you for coming along on this journey.

Foggy Dock

St. Demetrius Church, Thessalonika, Greece, 2018