Attentive Soul

Tending to our souls that they might be attentive to God.

An attentive soul?  Tell me more.

The attentive soul is a listening, noticing soul, and it finds itself longing for deep intimacy with the Father and an ever-growing unity with Christ. When we tend to our souls, taking time for silence, awareness, and rest, we can be more attentive to the presence and movement of God in our daily lives. In this waiting upon the Lord and seeking of His face, we notice the beauty of His faithful love and grace towards us.

Spiritual direction offers the space and stillness which are so meaningfully necessary for soul care. Amid the rush of everyday life, spiritual direction allows you the chance to pull over and attend to your soul with the help of a trusted spiritual companion. If you are longing to mature in your prayer life, deepen your relationship with Jesus, and experience a growing awareness of the presence of God in your life, perhaps you might consider meeting with a spiritual director.

Learn more about the ministry of spiritual direction and about my practice, Attentive Soul Spiritual Direction.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is a ministry in which one Christian believer sits with another to help them listen to the Spirit and notice the beautiful, holy work that God is doing in their heart, soul, and life. It is a way we give thoughtful attention to our relationship with God in the surety of His presence and infinite love for us.

What is Spiritual Formation?

Spiritual formation is the process through which Christ is formed in us for God’s glory, for our flourishing, and for the sake of others and God’s Kingdom. It is a witness to the power of the Holy Spirit to transform old lives into new ones of love, holiness, and intimacy with God.

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